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At iSecure, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of security solutions, providing top-of-the-line products like Garrett metal detectors to ensure the safety and security of our clients. As the premier Garrett Dealer and Distributor in India, we offer an extensive range of Garrett security products, including Garrett DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detector), Garrett Walk Through Metal Detector, Garrett Super Wand, Garrett Hand Metal Detector, Garrett Super Scanner, Garrett HHMD (Hand Held Metal Detector), Garrett PD6500i, Garrett DSMD (Dual Sensor Metal Detector), Garrett NLJD (Non-Linear Junction Detector), and much more.

Garrett metal detectors are renowned for their precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Whether you are looking for a Garrett metal detector for personal use, industrial applications, or high-security environments, iSecure has the perfect solution for you. Our range of Garrett metal detectors includes models suitable for various settings, from airports and government buildings to schools, events, and public spaces.

One of our most popular products is the Garrett PD6500i, a state-of-the-art walk-through metal detector with advanced pinpoint detection technology. The Garrett PD6500i features 33 detection zones for maximum accuracy, ensuring that no threat goes undetected. With its superior sensitivity and customizable settings, the Garrett PD6500i is the ideal choice for high-security facilities and critical infrastructure.

At iSecure, we not only offer the best prices on Garrett metal detectors in India but also provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your security equipment. Our team of highly trained technicians is always on hand to assist with installation, training, troubleshooting, and repairs, ensuring that your security system is always operating at peak efficiency.

As the authorized Garrett metal detector distributor and dealer in India, iSecure is your one-stop shop for all your security needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing security system or implement a new one, we have the expertise and resources to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. With our extensive inventory of Garrett metal detectors and accessories, we can provide fast and reliable delivery to any location in India.

When it comes to security, trust only the best. Choose iSecure as your partner for Garrett metal detectors and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your assets, employees, and customers are protected by the most advanced security technology available. Contact us today to learn more about our products, pricing, and services, and take the first step towards a safer and more secure environment.

iSecure, your premier Garrett Metal Detector Dealer and Distributor in India. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of Garrett metal detection products, renowned for their reliability, precision, and advanced technology. Whether you are a professional treasure hunter, a security professional, or a hobbyist, iSecure has the perfect Garrett metal detector to meet your needs.

At iSecure, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable metal detection. That’s why we exclusively offer Garrett metal detectors, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. Our extensive inventory includes a variety of models designed to cater to different applications, from gold prospecting to security screening.

The Garrett AT International Gold Metal Detector is a top choice for gold prospectors. With a search frequency of 15 kHz and VLF (Very Low Frequency) technology, this digital metal detector offers exceptional sensitivity and depth. It features multiple search modes, including ZERO, coin, CUSTOM, and PRO, making it versatile for various types of searches. The waterproof DD search coil and adjustable rod length ensure comfortable and efficient use in different terrains.

For security applications, iSecure offers the Garrett Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) and Garrett Walk Through Metal Detectors. These devices are essential for ensuring safety in public spaces, such as airports, schools, and government buildings. The Garrett PD6500i, a leading model in this category, provides pinpoint detection with 33 distinct zones, ensuring no threat goes undetected. Its parts and accessories are readily available, ensuring seamless maintenance and operation.

Our range of handheld metal detectors includes the Garrett Super Wand and Garrett Super Scanner. These devices are perfect for quick and efficient security checks. The Garrett Super Wand offers 360-degree detection coverage, while the Garrett Super Scanner is known for its high sensitivity and reliability. Both models are lightweight and easy to use, making them ideal for security personnel.

The Garrett Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) is another excellent choice for security applications. It combines portability with high performance, making it suitable for various environments. Additionally, iSecure provides Garrett Super Supply, ensuring you have access to all necessary accessories and parts to keep your metal detectors in top condition.

The Garrett Pinpoint Detection PD6500i is a state-of-the-art walk-through metal detector that offers unparalleled accuracy. With its advanced pinpoint detection technology, it can identify the exact location of metal objects, reducing false alarms and increasing efficiency. This model is perfect for high-security environments where precision is crucial.

At iSecure, we offer competitive prices for all Garrett metal detectors. Whether you are looking for the Garrett AT International, Garrett PD6500i, or any other model, you can be assured of getting the best value for your investment. Our team is dedicated to providing transparent pricing and exceptional customer service, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Garrett Super Scanner and Super Wand are essential tools for security professionals. The Super Scanner is renowned for its high sensitivity and reliability, making it a staple in security checks worldwide. The Super Wand, with its 360-degree detection capability, ensures thorough and efficient screening. Both models are designed for ease of use and durability, making them ideal for various security applications.

For specialized detection needs, iSecure offers the Garrett DSMD (Deep Search Metal Detector) and Garrett NLJD (Non-Linear Junction Detector). These advanced devices are designed for detecting hidden electronic devices and deep-buried metal objects. They are essential tools for law enforcement, military, and security agencies, providing unmatched detection capabilities.

As a leading Garrett Metal Detector Distributor and Dealer in India, iSecure is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Our team of experts is always available to assist you in selecting the right metal detector for your needs. We offer comprehensive support, including product demonstrations, training, and after-sales service, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Ready to enhance your metal detection capabilities with Garrett products? Contact iSecure today to learn more about our offerings and to get a quote. Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution for your metal detection needs. Experience the iSecure difference and discover why we are the trusted choice for Garrett metal detectors in India.

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